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Welcome To My Websites! I am a well known Conservative Republican Presidential Candidate Write-In - IND Ballot FEC filed 2012-2016 as a REP-IND-DEM and 2020-2024 as a REP-IND for the Campaign - General Election Cycles. It should be known, I am a Congressional - Federal - State Victim Witness Seeking Victim Witness Protection Housing and Compensatory Funds For LIFELONG BLACK OPS TECHNOLOGY FACILITATED Damages Perpetrated Upon Myself. Further, I am the only Good Gnome DNA Individual Alive, As A Presidential Candidate Willing & Available To Install Socioeconomic Equality Worldwide with Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs on/off Planet While Protecting USA's Most Advanced National Security Protected Technologies. It is important To VOTE Silvia Stagg For President 2012-2048!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SpaceHubusa Created By Silvia Stagg


A Republican Write-In  - Independent Presidential Candidate

2012 -2048 General Elections

Silvia Stagg Is Seeking A Vice President, Voter-Elector Signatures, Increased Donations, Poll Watchers, To Compete In Primaries - Caucus, and General Elections!

 Can you recognize the top five logical fallacies lobbed so far in this year's presidential campaign?

Summary of Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Program - Presidential Planet Management Program
by Silvia Stagg


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Silvia Stagg Republican 
Write-In  - Independent Presidential Candidate
 Presidential General  Election!


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Who are we?...Life...We are Life...Please Care about Life...It's about Life Extension! 

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Silvia Stagg, A Republican Presidential WRI - IND Ballot General Election Candidate! 

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Silvia Stagg Is Seeking A Vice President, Registered Voter-Elector  Signatures, and Donations!

March 31-2011 Letter From Reince Priebus 
RNC Chair - Trump Chief of Staff 

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Upon being voted into office of the Presidency, and upon being duly sworn by a US Supreme Court Justice into office by taking the Oath of Office (at the White House), I, Silvia Stagg, as United States President, shall immediately sign into Executive Order and later into Codified Law, and Perform Life Extension Healings of what we refer to as the World's HUMAN Population (Animal/Marine Life as well), Consisting of:

(1) At least a Disability Healing for Age for All Minority Persons (with exceptions for Violent -Espionage-Including Black Ops Body/Mind Turn Perpetrators), and

(2) a Life Extension Healing for Age or a Life Extension Healing to Twenty One years of Age with Excellent Health For Age for All Lawful (Non Murderous-Non Voluntary Manslaughter-Non Espionage) White Christian European Descent Race Persons, and

(3) a Disability Healing for Age, For Non Lawful White Christian European Descent Race Persons (with exceptions for Murderous-Voluntary Manslaughter-Black Ops Mind Turn-Espionage Perpetrators), and

(4) White Christian European Descent Race Persons who are truly physically Disabled/Handicapped, Retarded or Seriously Autistic Adults are given Latitude since they are often targeted to commit heinous criminal offenses (handled case by case), and

(5) We may grant additional Latitude to White Christian European Descent Race Children under eighteen (18) who have been targeted to perpetrate violent offenses (handled case by case), and

The Government of the United States of America, the Lawful People of the United States of America as National Security Witnesses, and myself shall determine the legal status of each person worldwide regarding bestowing Infinite Life Extension on each person. 

Additionally, on the same day, I, Silvia Stagg after being sworn into the office of the US Presidency, I will commence dissemination of 'Make Pristine the World I, Make Pristine the World II, and Make Pristine the World III (Includes Most Trusted Programs such as: Hubusa-Spacehubusa-Spacecityusa-Moonbaseusa-Spacestationusa) after performing expeditious and thorough environmental, stress-weight, functional, human, and infinity series impact studies. 

Silvia Stagg
A Good Gnome Individual
National Security Victim Witness
Filed with (US DOJ) US Department of Justice since December 1994, et al, etc.
US Presidential Candidate
Filed with Federal Election Commission (FEC) and US Office of Government Ethics since August 4-2011
Republican-Independent-Write In Candidate!
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  Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs created by Silvia Stagg

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Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure 
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Support NASA and Space X Continued United States Aerospace Missions

1960's United States NASA Astronauts Moon Mission First Humans To Walk The Moon!

Below: Many Staff of Space X Are Former NASA!



(A)  Spacehubusa - The Model For All Hubs Worldwide - Hubusa On/Off Planet 

Spacehubusa - Is the Model for Future Hubs-Hubusa(s) and  is meant to Emulate the Best of our White Christian European Descent Culture and it will be composed of All Modernesque Renaissance or Modernesque Middle Ages-Medieval or Modernesque Gothic Style of Architectural/Engineering Design. The only futuristic Modernesque Hub is the 'SpaceCity' Design. We will do away with ugly sky skraper cities which offer us non culture. 

All Hub - Hubusa designs will be modified to emulate the best of the culture of each country especially size and population and environmental requirements of each state and country. Only United States of America Hubs will be given the partial name Hubusa. For example, the City of Sacramento will also have its other name beneath it, 'Hubusa At Sacramento' or  'Sacramento Hubusa' and underneath it will always retain the name: 'City of Sacramento' at all Entrances/Exits thereto. And each Hub will encompass a larger area of land and most likely more than one county and one city-township-village.

All levels of government will be downsized and consolidated at each State Capitol Hub Pie Section, and counties and cities will receive the greatest cuts in size. There will be NO City Mayors and only Building Code-Infrastructure Maintenance-Libraries-Privatized School System NUR-HIGH with No Law Enforcement/No Prosecutor shall remain at the City/Township/Village Level.  There has been far too much corruption stalking-harassment-endangerment of the public even attempted murder/murder by the various Mayors and Police Brutality by the Local Level Police Department has been historically videotaped and aired on public television resulting often in dismissal of the offending Police Officers. However, we shall practice crime prevention and disallow as freedom of speech and self expression is being oppressed by the Mayor and his Police Department in many states.  After prolonged observation of the facts and human behavior of government law enforcement, ALL HUBS shall contain only ONE District Attorney and ONE Sherriff.  And each State shall contain only One Attorney General who prosecutes on both the CIVIL and CRIMINAL Level and One State Police Chief-One Captain, and ONE State Governor, and ONE LT. Governor, all based at EACH State Capitol Hubusa and the Large City Hubs, at One Perimeter Ring Pie Section which will be divided in two parts, one HALF Pie Section for State Government Agencies and one HALF Pie Section for Federal Government Agencies.

Government is not allowed to increase in size - grow off that Pie Section. Government is not allowed to increase in size and tax the population to death. Real estate taxation shall hereby cease. Real Estate Taxation has become tantamount to eating out the substance of the population forbidden in our US Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. Real Estate Taxation like the Lottery was originally touted before the public to gain support and was originally meant to pay for Education Expenses. It is actually being used to pay the Salaries of City/State employees and all other City/State Debts.

The Lawful Civilian population of US Born Citizens are allowed to be employed by and shall operate (with myself and my direct staff) the entire Hubusa Program-Most Trusted Program Offices. I shall infinitely own and operate the Most Trusted Programs Headquarters and All Spacehubusa Headquarters and locations, one in each Hubusa and a few around the world to make traveling and assisting the population easier. Additionally, Silvia Stagg, permanent Owner/Senior Administrator of Spacehubusa (will also permanently own and operate SpaceCityusa one on each usaplanet-and off planet earth: Moonbaseusa-SpaceStationusa-Stargateusa) and Most Trusted Programs Headquarters controls and oversees the mining-printing-coining of monies for the United States of America and the world currencies, a right/responsibility give to Silvia Stagg by our US Government/US Congress/World Governments complying for purposes of installing said Most Trusted Programs. There are suggested Dollars which should remain leaders: The Euro Dollar, The Canadian Dollar, The Australian Dollar, The Russian Dollar, Brazilian Dollar (is requested to absorb all other Central-South American currency debts both public and private until becoming US Territories when they convert to the US Dollar).

Under this worldwide country reorganization, Regarding the EEC/European Economic Community, the United States will only recognize a common, military, common dollar (Euro Dollar) and common Boarder for migration of its White Christian European Descent Race members. For the record, each country's Military (will remain as each Country's National Guard once becoming a US Territory). All country's Constitutions cannot be dissolved but the US Constitution and its Ratified Amendments known as the Bill of Rights must be attached to each Country's Constitution and made available at will by each country's citizens. The United States can only legally endorse and promote its own Constitution.

All Countries which are Founded by White Christian European Descent  Race and Controlled by White Christian European Descent Race will join the 'Union' of these United States of America as US Territories permanently keeping their Independence with a modified version of our United States of America Government which will be downsized and brought under US Constitutional Obeyance along with its Currency converted to the US Dollar, and One USA Federal District of Columbia which shall be a HUBUSA in each US Territory-Country. No Soldiers who are not born in the USA Proper or in any of these new US Territories can ever be mandated drafted-subscripted-registered for Military Service/Employment outside of their own country. No draft nor subscription nor registration for Military operations shall ever be allowed. Only self enlisted Military Service is allowable.  The new US Territorial Countries will be allowed to VOTE in 100 years for One Congressional House Representative after being indoctrinated into the Constitutional Democracy of the United States of America (standardized/Compulsory Education-Pledge of Allegiance-Flying of the US Flag alongside one country Flag. Spacehubusa has its own Flag which may be flown consisting of our US Flag with miniature US Territorial/Country Flags periphery). Each new US Territory population will be disallowed voting in any other National Election within the USA/United States of America proper to thwart Sedition.

(B) Spacehubusa, and All HUBs must be 'Eco Friendly' and offer a safe and empowering environment to human beings, making life's necessities and luxuries accessible.  We have unacceptable behaviors toward the indigent and middle classes subjecting them to the sometimes anti-social whims of the wealthy and powerful, such behavior must be purged by an educated public made wealthy.

(C) Spacehubusa is (300) Three Hundred Miles In Total Diameter (Divided into Eight Pie Sections and many circular rings through to its center Hub Park and Center Hub Lake w/Beach) powered primarily by Active Passive Solar Energy with Solar Mechanical Rooms in every building and Hydro-Electric Energy and Nonradioactive Cold Water Fission Installed as Back-Up Energy at designated areas and for vehicular fuels: 'Sugarcane Ethanol' and a natural Bio-Diesel named: 'Jatropha' for Fuels.  Electric Vehicles, such as Golf Carts/Golf Cart sized Vehicles have become more prevalent in our society. However, the use of permanent batteries as opposed to disposable batteries is better for a society building many many steel buildings worldwide. Sugarcane Ethanol and Jatropha meets our mileage and performance standards. 
(I)    Twenty Miles Total Diameter - Ten Miles Each Side for a "Treeline Buffer" and a 'Water Reservoir-Dam' Five Miles For Buffer-Water Each Side:  Spacehubusa has an Exterior/Perimeter Ring which is composed of a 'Treeline Buffer' Totalling Ten Miles in Diameter/Five Miles in Diameter each side. And at the center of this 'Treeline Buffer' in the 'Perimeter Ring,' there is a 'Fresh Water Reservoir/Dam' as Totalling large as Ten Miles in Diameter/Five Miles In Diameter each side.  If engineering/construction design will allow, along the sides/bottom of the Straight-A- way Highway/Main Roads System, one Hyrdro-Electric Plant may be installed, as many as Eight Hydroelectric Plants will be installed at each of Eight Pie/Ring Sections. Engineering-Construction-Functional Study Required. This is the Hubs' drinking water filtered/purified (no swimming-no boating-no dumping), and runoff for snow/ice/water as per climactic conditions. This Reservoir/Dam will have water runoff at the Hub Center Lake, and at the Center of Eight Perimeter Straight-A-Way Islands (land between each Straight-A-Way Highway/Main Roads) visible upon entering the Hub. Direct Feed into Building Infrastructure is assumed.

(II)  Twenty Miles Total Diameter - Ten Miles in Diameter Each Side: Spacehubusa's Second, Eight Pie/Ring Section is named: 'Perimeter Services Pie/Ring Section' for some of the most important life sustaining products/services segregated from more congested residential environments, though all Pie/Ring Sections are over sized and luxurious.:

(1)     Massive Above Ground Transportation Center within each of Eight Hub Straight-A-Way Areas which transport Passengers/Cargo To/From the Perimeter to/within the Hub Center Park, and a Circular Underground Residential (Emergency usage expected only)-Daily usage Commercial Center (landscaped w/Trees/Foliage/Fountains/Benches/lighting/View Screens) and serviced by a Passenger-Cargo Train/Locomotive System transporting Passengers/Cargo throughout Diameter of Hub with Express/Non Express Stops, and

(2)     The US Capitol/Washington-D.C. (District of Columbia) AKA Federal Seat is allowed only Ten Miles which will be enforced, mandating that all non government employees be relocated outside of the District of Columbia and any Buildings such as a Division of the Pentagon, i.e. The National Security Agency in Fort Meade-Maryland will be relocated via advanced technology to Washington-D.C. along with the CIA/Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters in Langley Virginia, and

(3)    There is to be One Federal Hub in each of the US Territories which is similar to a District of Columbia and will offer Federal Government Oversight and Enforcement of US Constitutional and Federal Legislation balancing each countries and their people's wishes and protection. The US Standardized Compulsory Education is enforced with our Pledge of Allegiance recited daily at the beginning of the first morning class. We must endeavor to give more Rights and Freedoms not take them away, such as in unwise Patriot Act Legislation which should be modified (to disallow without warrant/search warrant and without knowledge and consent of subject) government contact (and seizure of files) from the possession of ones'  Doctor-Dentist-Lawyer-Clergy-Family-Friend of a White Christian European Descent Race Member. The Patriot Act should be used to address the Minority Terrorism/Seditionary Problem.  We still have Interest of Justice which allows law enforcement to make discretionary investigations and seizures to prevent harm and apprehend guilty parties without making moot our US Constitutional Rights. The right of government to detain should be limited. When we consider being stewards of the world we must consider civil rights adamantly as advocates for and by the people.; and

(III)   From Perimeter: First Pie/Ring Section - Perimeter Services Pie/Ring Sections: Composed of Twenty Miles Total Diameter - Ten Miles Each Side In Diameter of Hub.: All Eight Pie/Ring Sections have Underground Hub Passenger Cargo Systems underneath the One-Two Hundred Wide Foot Sidewalk. All Hubs must be self sufficient/nearly self sufficient. Each Pie/Ring Section.:

(1) Spacehubusa and All ASAP/AeroSpace Port (owned/operated by Silvia Stagg); and

(2) Most Trusted Airport absorbs All Airport needs, government and public, private and commercial; and

(3) Active Passive Solar Energy Manufacturing Plant with Repair-Storage of Parts-Distribution above ground shared with underground Non Radioactive Cold Water Fission Plant (encased in titanium-copper-zinc mix building underground surrounded by two square miles of no other buildings in the event of an explosion).; and

(4) Water Storage-Water Filtration/Purification-Water Treatment-Water Waste and Refuse Waste Treatment-Refuse Recycling and Storage Plant, Pie/Ring Section shared with Marine Fish Farm, and Sugarcane Farm with Ethanol Manufacturing Plant and Jatropha Farming with Plant for any necessary Processing-Canning/Bottling-Distribution.; and

(5) Fruit Farm/Vegetable Farm-Spice/Herb Farm-Grape Vineyard for Wine-Coffee-Coa Coa/Cacao-Walnut/Pistaccio (No Peanut)-Cotton-Silk Worm-Bamboo for Paper-Rubber for Tires etc.-Farming with Canning-Bottling-Processing-Storage-Distribution shared with Fish Nursery/Hatchery Farm-Dairy Farm-Fowl/Poultry/Chicken Farm-Hog/Cattle Farm/Ranch with Animal Husbandry and No Slaughter (GETech/Gentle Extraction Technology used to take 10% of meat), with Canning-Bottling-Processing-Storage-Distribution.; and

(6) Manufacturing/Industrial: X30 Hypersonic Aerospace Jet Modified for Aerospace Flight, and Aeronautics both hold 100 Persons Luxury Accommodations (X30 Tested by Nasa, there are later X30 Models which can be used for close to Earth Aerospace Flight), and Delta Wing Supersonic Jet Airliner Model will also be used for Airlines. Automobiles (Hummer-Landrover-and Jaguar)-Trains-Trucks-Buses-Motorcycles-Ships-Elevators-Smart House Technology-Household Appliances: i.e. Television-Radios-Stereos-Refrigerator-Stove-Microwave-Lights-Telephones-Computers-Computer Books, etc. Antigravity Lifts-Laser/Defense-Security Technology-All Technological Manufacturing

Note: To save space, the smaller most ecofriendly automated manufacturing can be allowed at the SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings.; and

(7) Federal Government at State Capitol HUB: Each State Capitol will become a Hubusa and house All Federal Cabinet Agencies in Half of a Pie Ring Section at the Outer Perimeter.  We shall limit the US Military-US Reserves to Only 1000 Active Persons respectively: (1) US Army Corps of Engineers (2) US Army National Guard, (3) US Air Force/Reserves, (4) US  Marine Corps., (5) US Navy/Reserves, (6) All Cabinet Agencies, (7) All Federal Court System, (8) US Congressional Offices, (9) Other Federal Government Agencies.  The other half of the Pie Ring Section shall have all Federal Cabinet Levels but No US Attorney Nor US Marshall Offices. All United States Attorneys and US Marshall shall be employed and shall be quartered in the Washington D.C. City Limites to ensure less politicing and Congressional Contact should Corruption takeover the US DOJ/Department of Justice as is the case without a Good Gnome Individual in All levels of Government and with a Good Gnome Society and Government ensuring the very best US Attorneys and Process of Government are employed in said positions and less influence peddling should it ever occur.  The Other Half of the Outer Perimeter Pie Ring Section shall be shared by the State Government and is described below in 7A.; and

(7A) City/HUB City Government Structure: Infrastructure, Water and Inspection and Code Enforcement-Libraries and Schools NUR - High School only. All Schools will be privatized with City-State Government Oversight. All Federal And State Government Personnel and Assets/Property will be housed at One Perimeter Pie Ring Section divided equally in half for each Federal and State Government. The State Pie Ring Section shall house: One Governor, One Lt. Governor, One Attorney General or Two Attorney Generals One Civil and One Criminal who may take cases against each other as well or be referred to the Federal US DOJ Level for Internal Investigations and Prosecutions as is the case in most circumstances to date.  For Example: The Name/Title of Each District Attorney or Sheriff Shall Be As Follows: "State District Attorney/Sheriff at County of."

(8) Wildlife Sanctuary/Zoo share 1/3 with 1/3 Professional Sports Park (Sports: Basketball-Hockey-Baseball-Football-Soccer-Car Racing) and 1/3 Olympic Sports Parks (Track-N-Field-Swimming/Diving-Cycling Velodrome-Tennis-Archery-Gymnastics/Martial Arts-Hockey-Figure Skating).; and

(IV)  From Perimeter: Second Pie/Ring Section Consisting of Eight Pie/Ring Sections - Total: Twenty Two Miles In Diameter/Eleven Miles In Diameter Each Side of Hub. First Primarily Residential Pie/Ring Section Two Miles In Diameter/One Mile In Diameter Each Side of Hub Consisting of Two Types of Luxury Buildings. Note: For All Condominiums the highest price for up to One Million One Hundred Thousand US Dollar Annual Income per Person is US$1,000.00 monthly and Eviction for any reason is Prohibited.  We/US Government, et al  are using Constitutionally cited "Eminent Domain" to Build.:

(1) The First Standard SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Building (1,000 Square Feet and Fifty plus Stories with each Floor Twenty Feet High) may house approximately 7,600 - 8,600 persons, and

(2) The Second Luxury Condominium Building having only One Condominium each floor (is 1,000 Square Feet and Fifty and more Stories each Floor Twenty Feet High). The less populated Luxury Condominium comprises this 7/Seven of 8/Eight Pie/Ring Sections.

(A) At Seven (7) of the Eight (8) SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Building(s) and Ultra Luxury Buildings each square mile, with the Ultra Luxury Buildings at the ends/sides and the larger population SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Building at center of Eight Pie/Ring Section housing persons directly across from the Perimeter Services Pie/Ring Section.

(B) The Eighth Pie/Ring Section will belong solely to myself, and for use by my family, and my Spacehubusa staff, located directly across at the Perimeter Services Pie/Ring Section, enabling me to easily travel to/from work. The Pie/Ring Section across from Spacehubusa will house one large Spacehubusa SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Building for All Spacehubusa staff, and Mostly Luxury Condominium Buildings (One Condominium per floor) with Fifty and more Floors per Luxury Condo Building, and for myself personally/my family (1) Palatial Tudor Home designed 1500' X Wide 1500' Long X 1500' High with 20' High Ceilings surrounded by approximately One-Two Miles of land/water for my Tudor Estate (a draft already designed) or I'll use One Luxury Condominium Building with swimming-boating.  I will need to have a One Mile Landing Area at my residence. 

(C) There are Two Perimeter One Mile Forest Buffers At All Sides of the Minimum Twenty/Ten Miles In Diameter Pie/Ring Section of Hub, consisting of Four Building Rows and Four Waterway Rows with Boating between each Row of Buildings. 

(V)  From Perimeter: Third Pie/Ring Section Consisting of Eight Pie/Ring Sections - Luxury Residential - Commercial Area with 'American Waterway.'  Total Diameter of Thirty Four Miles/17 Miles In Diameter Each Side of Hub with semi private 'American Waterway.'  There are Two Rows of Each Building Design separated by One Mile Waterways, as follows (For Citizen who Own Perimeter Pie/Ring Section Businesses-Hub Businesses) and the prices will be lower/capped due to ease of construction and our Most Trusted Program Policy.:

1) One Mile Palatial Estate Rows, and

2) One Thousand Square Foot (1000' square) Villa Granite Estate Rows, and
3) Five Hundred Square Foot (500' square) Villa Granite Estate Rows, and

4) One Hundred Foot Wide X Two Hundred Foot Long Brownstone Estate Rows (Brownstone-Granite-Brick with minimum of Five Floors Above and Five Floors Below), and

5) Modernesque Granite Town home Estate Rows with Boating-No Swimming Waterway with approximate One Mile Each for Each Section with Waterway and Each Section Guaranteed Two Rows with 'Boat Clubs' with Pool and Convenience Shopping, Galleries, Libraries, Book Stores, Medical Clinic with Civilian/Non government ERS/Emergency Response Services Building which offers Coastguard-Lifeguard Services with EMT Certificate, Separate Schools: Nursery School-Kindergarten-Grammar School 1-8-High School 9-12 w/boys/girls kept segregated at school.; and

(VI)   Spacehubusa-Hubusa-Hub Largest Populated SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings-Main Buildings with 'American Waterway.' Total: Fifty Miles In Diameter/Twenty Five Miles Each Side of Hub with Total Two/One Mile Each Side of Hub for 'Treeline Buffer' at beginning/end of Condominium Sections and every Two Miles flanked by One Mile Waterways (for swimming/boating) every Two Miles for SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings, and Two/One Miles Reserved For Roads/Sidewalks in this Ring-Pie Section, throughout the entire Forty Six Miles Total In Diameter-Twenty Three Miles Each Side of Ring-Pie Section.; and

(VII) Spacehubusa-Hubusa-Hub Largest Populated SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings-Main Buildings with 'American Waterway.'  Total Size of Pie/Ring Section: Fifty Miles In Diameter/Twenty Five Miles Each Side of Hub with Total: Two/One Mile Each Side of Hub for 'Treeline Buffer' at beginning/end of Condominium Sections and every Two Miles flanked by One Mile Waterways (for swimming/boating) every Two Miles for SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings, and Two/One Miles Reserved For Roads/Sidewalks in this Ring-Pie Section, throughout the entire Forty Six Miles Total In Diameter-Twenty Three Miles Each Side of Pie/Ring Section.  A study done for a Small 'Pie/Ring Section' using measurements of:  Three Miles X Two Miles, to determine/extrapolate the basic and centralized layout of All Hub Buildings needs to be performed.  The largest Perimeter Ring/Pie Sections will absorb more SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings.  These SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings are at least Fifty (50) Floors/Stories high with Twenty (20') Foot Ceilings each Floor. The Width/Thickness of each Floor/Ceiling is up to One Foot. There is an extensive Water Roof on Rooftop and either Four Corner Interior Suites-Central Suites on Each Floor with House Additional Water/Water Related Technology-National Security Shielding Etc. See Attached Hereto Copy of Detailed Preliminary Mechanical Design the Large SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings. ; and

(VIII)  Ten Miles Total - Five Miles In Diameter Each Side - Spacehubusa-Hubusa-Hub: United States of America Architectural Themes-Fifty USA State Architectural Themes.: and

(IX)    Each Straight-A-Way Highways with Centralized Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings (Each Suite-Condo: 200' Long X 100' Wide X 20' high Ceilings often Two Floors with Ten Foot Ceilings each Floor is Architecturally-Culturally designed to represent towering Modernesque Renditions of Ancient-Medieval-Renaissance Europe and United States of America with Two Sides of Buildings with a Covered Above Ground and Underground Train System with Connecting Underground Walkways and Train System in alignment with the Public Support Buildings, Two Business Buildings for our SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings, and Straight-A-Way Attached Building which can rage from Modernesque Granite-Renaissance Period European-Early American Architectural Style, Public-Residential-Commercial Suites Connecting The Hub To different Hud Sections As Follows:  (1-2) East-West Greek both sides (3-4) North-South Roman both sides (5-6) German-Dutch and opposite (7-8) 7/French-7/Scandinavia i.e. Norway-Finland-Norway-Sweden-Denmark and Two (2) each of the others.: Spain-Portugal-Yugoslavia-Romania-Russia-Czech-Hungary-Bulgaria-Austria-Luxembourg-Switzerland-Belgium-Albania/Armenia-Australia-Canada (9-10) 7-Poland and other European countries including Russia formerly USSR/United Soviet Socialist Republic (11-12) England-Welsh and opposite (13-14) Ireland-Scotland; and

(X)    For Our Historical Hub/City-Most Trusted Programs, we include HUBUSAs-HUBs Worldwide for White Christian European Descent Cities and HUBs for Minority Founded and Controlled Countries which are approximately Ten Miles In Diameter/Five Miles In Diameter Each Side.

(XI)   SpaceHubusa-Hubusa-Hubs Abroad Country-State Them(s): Total Ten Miles/Five Miles Each Side In Diameter.:  Ten Miles In Total Diameter/Five Miles In Diameter Each Side.: Nine Architectural Themes with Smart House Designs: Residences with some culdasacs and straight streets with some 'Water Canals' with Historic American Styles including but not limited to: -1- Southern Louisiana Plantation, and -2- Early American ALA New England, and -3- Early American ALA New York, -4- Early American ALA Williamsburg-VA, and -5- Early American ALA San Francisco-CALF, (California Brownstones), and -6- Pacific Stone Lodge, and -7- Midwestern-Western Style Ranch, and -8- American-Sweden Log Cabin,  (False Wood), and -9- Early American New England, and -10- Wild Wild West Ranch, and -11- Victorian, and -12- Western Adobe.

(XII)    USA/United States of America-USA Fifty State Capitols and Largest Cities Hubusa - Abroad Country HUBs-Architectural Historical/Cultural Themes Within A Modern Planned Community Ten Miles In Diameter/Five Miles In Diameter Each Side:  -1- Own a HUBUSA-HUB Business, and/or -2- Are employed in a long-term Managerial-Supervisory Position Most Trusted or Spacehubusa or Moonbaseusa or SpaceStationusa or SpaceCityusa, and/or -3- Deceased Good Gnome Individuals, and/or -4- Disabled and Homosexual Homosexual Individuals, and/or -5- Family of Silvia Stagg, and/or  -6- Past-Present-Future Homeowners, and -7- Federal/State Crime Victims, and/or  -8- Individuals Forty and younger on or about August 31-1997-September 1-1997, and/or -9- Persons who served in the US Military through 2013 and date of Installation of housing, and/or -10- Persons who earn US $100K-US$1,000.00 Net Annually, and/or -11- Well Known and Lawful Great Contributors to Society, and/or -12- Naturally Occurring Gnome Individuals.; and

(XIII)    Spacehubusa-Hubusa Ten Miles In Diameter/Five miles In Diameter Each Side with No Waterway, Tamed Forest with One Floor Condominiums with Historical Cultural Architectural Style in our SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings: Each One Floor     

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